New business creation and consulting – structuring deals and organizations in a broad range of industries from AI/machine learning and document technology to real estate and design. Portico West helps groups and individuals develop unrealized opportunities by organizing and streamlining structure, methods, resources and goals.

While an integrated organizational structure is key to business success, ongoing success for an individual and an organization comes from being comfortable with uncertainty and adept at recognizing the opportunities emanating from change and unpredictability.

When the effort incorporates change structurally and culturally, individuals do not put their ego into one outcome, they integrate opposing perspectives more easily and they refrain from using control as a futile way to confront change and uncertainty.

The result is fluid, responsive and optimizes potential.

Rebranding one of the nation’s top real estate teams with new logo identification and video:
Sample segments from an animation video created for an international
corporate client to illustrate their new organizational structure: